4 Benefits of Cooking with Essential Oils

4 Benefits of Cooking with Essential Oils

One of the greatest benefits of essential oils is their wide range of uses. With so many natural products with unique benefits, you can incorporate them into nearly every area of your daily routine and lifestyle. Chapter one Essential oils can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle, create an optimal environment for sleep, beautify the skin and hair, create a soothing massage, repel insects naturally, cleanse surfaces around the home, and more. Cooking, eating, and drinking are such intrinsic parts of everyday life, so it should be no surprise that essential oils are effective in the kitchen. With so many delicious options for spices, seasonings, and extracts on the market to enhance food, you might be wondering, Why should I cook with essential oils? Cooking methods often depend on diet and personal preferences, but anyone can enjoy the benefits of cooking with essential oils. Not only will they give any meal a powerful flavor, but essential oils also allow you to enjoy any internal health benefits they may provide. Plus, they offer a safe, natural way to flavor your food and are convenient when fresh ingredients aren’t available.

They Offer Added Flavor.

Essential oils are naturally potent and powerful because they’re highly concentrated and taken directly from natural sources. The purity and potency of essential oils make them perfect for adding flavor to any dish. Because they’re so powerful, it doesn’t take much to add an extra kick of flavor to your favorite entrées, beverages, meats, desserts, and more. 

They Provide Internal Benefits

Frequently used for their internal benefits, essential oils provide a straightforward way to promote wellness in the body.* Depending on the product, you can use essential oils to promote healthy digestion, cleanse the body, support healthy function of bodily systems, and provide the body with antioxidants, among other internal benefits.* When you add an essential oil to your food or drink, not only will you experience its powerful flavors, but you can also enjoy any internal benefits it has to offer.

They Have Safe, Natural Ingredients

While plenty of spices, seasonings, and extracts are available that can help flavor your food, many of these options contain highly processed or questionable ingredients. By using essential oils to flavor your food and enhance your cooking, you’ll not only have endless options for making healthy and creative meals, but you can also rest easy, knowing exactly what you are putting into your food. As mentioned, essential oils are taken directly from natural sources, without processed or harmful ingredients. Remember, not all essential oils are created equal, and some companies use fillers or synthetic ingredients in their products. By using pure essential oils in your cooking, you can enjoy the benefits of natural flavors and ingredients. 

They Are Convenient

While some people prefer to use raw or fresh ingredients to flavor their food, these kinds of ingredients aren’t always readily available. Having essential oils on hand makes it easy when you just used your last lemon or didn’t have time to run to the store to buy fresh basil. Plus, it can be difficult to find fresh ingredients throughout the year, since some herbs, spices, and fruits are only available in certain seasons. Along with providing a convenient way to season your food, essential oils can also be more cost-effective in the long run. As it only takes a tiny amount of essential oil to add flavor to any dish, you can save money by not having to replace ingredients as often. Because essential oils stay good for so long, you also don’t have to worry about fresh ingredients going bad if you don’t use them before their expiration date. While fresh ingredients are still wonderful for enhancing your cooking, essential oils provide a convenient way to add flavor when you need it.

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Source: doTERRA.

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